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Cyclone Servers – Investment!

November 6, 2018, Written by 0 comment

Dear Cyclone Customers;

Cyclone Servers has long enjoyed offering reliable servers and storage to our customers at a great value. We strongly believe this value is what makes us unique and a partner that you trust.

We are excited to announce that in Nov 2018.

Cyclone Servers will once again increase the performance of our platform at no cost increase to you.

Seattle – We are upgrading from 10k RPM disks to SSD’s that will increase disk throughput substantially for all customers.

North Carolina  – We are upgrading our servers and storage to SSD’s. This upgrade will provide a 25% performance in single core performance with the x2 6 Core CPU’s and immediately noticeable as a completely different system that is blazing fast for storage and processing.

Los Angeles – We are upgrading our servers and storage to SSD’s. This upgrade will provide an 8% performance increase with the x2 6 Core CPU’s for customers in LA.

We are excited to offer a standard performance benchmark across our services in all locations with SSD’s and fast multicore processors.

This upgrade is at no cost to our existing customers! We are planning an upgrade for all customers on a site-by-site basis and will announce the date and times of the upgrade. Depending on site there will be a brief outage as we migrate customers from the old storage to the new SSD storage. As always, please reach out with any questions.

We appreciate your business.





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